Internet of Things in Multi-Family Buildings

11 November 2022

Posted by: Mark Munger

Multi-Family Housing can benefit considerably from the Internet of Things (IoT) deployment and monitoring. From analyzing the data to controlling energy and security, there are many benefits to be derived from connecting building components. And a campus-wide managed Internet is the first part of the deployment.

IoT-powered smart buildings save money, save time, and in some cases save lives. The building owners gain benefits and the occupants enjoy the benefits of attracting and retaining more residents.

Some examples of IoT-powered components include smart meters, power panels, appliances, thermostats, and security.

Smart meters monitor power consumption for both billing and alerting to issues with excessive power consumption. Smart meters can also participate in demand response programs with utilities.

Smart power panels and circuit breakers add further value to IoT with more granular monitoring and control. These panels can monitor each circuit to know exactly how much power appliances and household outlets are drawing. When a circuit breaker is activated, it is recorded such that future issues can be correlated or compared with other issues in the building.

IoT-powered appliances can monitor themselves for both preventive maintenance and also when issues are encountered, can generate their own work order for a building supervisor or repair organization to contact the tenant and address the issue. This can sometimes happen without the tenant ever knowing that there is an issue with that appliance.

Smart IoT thermostats such as the Nest or Honeywell are popular Wi-Fi-connected devices allowing automation and remote control of the temperature in tenant and common areas. Several companies have programs for multi-family building owners that assist in cost savings and control over these expenses.

Public safety and access control devices are also highly valued. With security cameras monitoring motion and recognizing license plates in garages, there is more than video surveillance that can be achieved.

Access control with intelligent locks and intercoms is another connected IoT set of devices that are common as owners realize the benefits of changing access codes and providing tenants more security over who comes and goes inside the buildings.

We will create an IoT showcase section under solutions for you to reference even more IoT benefits as we discover them and see them in our projects. Should you have questions or wish to discuss these solutions, please contact your Interact account rep or message us here on the website for more information.