Senior Living and Health Monitoring

11 November 2022

Posted by: Mark Munger

Monitoring and alert products for seniors have developed and expanded since the original "I've fallen and can't get up" product in 1987. Today there are many products for senior living health monitoring that can both assist in daily life and be part of a life-saving system. These systems can be integrated into the building Internet infrastructure or be a standalone, internet-connected device. As connectivity has expanded, so have the number and value of these devices.

The objective of these devices and systems is to monitor the inhabitant, learn their routines, and detect when assistance is needed. Motion detectors, appliance monitors, and even increases in Internet activity can be used to know that the occupant is physically moving around with normal activities. When these activities, slow or stop, an alert can be generated to onsite personnel or family members to check up on the loved one.

Additionally, there are devices that individuals can wear to detect falls and immediately generate alerts. These devices may include sensors that measure a person's temperature, heart rate, blood pressure, and other vitals to generate baselines and provide data to medical professionals. Many of these personal devices are no bigger than a small wristwatch with several affordable options and some costs may be covered by medical insurance.

One of the advantages of a community-wide Internet is the enablement of the communications required by these devices and sensors. Public safety and individual wellness are just a few of the enhancements this brings. Contact us for specific recommendations or to further discuss how these technologies may benefit your tenants, your community, or your family.