Benefits for Residents at Interact Solutions enabled properties.

Interact Solutions is proud to be working with best of breed technology providers to bring an end-to-end Wi-Fi, IoT and streaming TV solution, built from the ground up for residents to enjoy all of their content frustration free. From HEVC (High Efficiency Video Codec) to gigabit+ Internet and integrated IoT, Interact has developed the perfect solution for multi-family residences.

This allows you to enjoy WiFi throughout the entire complex and control who has access to your personal network.

  • Cheaper internet and streaming services than cable or basic Internet service
  • Improved Internet bandwidth, television, Wi-Fi, and IoT (Internet of Things) experience
  • Connected devices can include streaming devices (i.e., Apple TV, Amazon 4K Fire Stick), Smart Phones, Smart TVs, tablets and laptops
  • Access to the network for additional IoT devices such as thermostats, door locks, voice control devices (such as Amazon Alexa and Google Home), speakers, security cameras, CO2 sensors, hue lighting, water sensors, and refrigerators
  • No interference from surrounding neighbors’ Wi-Fi devices
  • Seamless Internet roaming throughout the building – same SSID (single Wi-Fi user name)
  • Cellular off-load via Wi-Fi within and around the building
  • Each tenant can determine the level of bandwidth that best meets their needs
  • More economical television offering – skinny bundles to provide local programming, sports, and desired cable channels with the ability to subscribe to additional packages and a la carte offerings
  • 72-hour catch-up TV and DVR service
  • Parental control with “whitelisting services”